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We Need Your Help! a Member of the Friends,
Becoming a member of the Friends can be rewarding. As a member you will receive a membership card for St. Joseph Peninsula State Park giving you 12 free days of entry into the park. (These entries are for two non-consecutive days per month.) This can be quite a savings from daily entry fees. As a business member you will also receive a free rental of the Park Pavilion, and marketing of your business from the Friends. Each business will be listed on our website, and on a sign as a supporter of the parks.

...for Donations to the Friends,

Your additional donations to the Friends is very much appreciated. These funds are dedicated to the improvement of the Parks. Please note that donations qualify as a tax deduction. (Federal Tax ID: 51-0586123) Volunteers to the Parks.

Volunteers are special individuals who often spend longer timeframes on-site at our Parks helping with many routine duties and special projects. Special projects include building or enhancing beach/dune walkways, facilities for handicapped individuals, aiding our park rangers with educational tools, presentations throughout the community, and encouraging education about the Parks' natural and cultural resources.

Volunteers are called upon for education and special events. Guided tours can be offered by Volunteers. Volunteers help with our annual event for members.

Volunteers find that through their support new friendships are made - socializing, relaxing and enjoying the Parks with new friends.

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